Friday, December 30, 2011

Glimmer All the Way

A lovely sculpture piece by my lovely sister, Abby.
In my last post, I talked about how much I love sparkle. The holidays are always the perfect excuse to pull out sequins & glitter. It seems so festive & magical to have the entire house glimmer a little bit. The way the snow sparkles just right when the street light pools on the pavement, or when the icicle lights dance across the neighborhood rooftops. The holiday shimmer is part of what makes Christmas so spectacular. Reindeer bells are delightful because the sound twinkles through the sky at midnight. Therefore, I propose we embrace this flashy festival & fill our houses & lives with beautiful shimmer. 

Poinsettias - just because they're festive.
Also, I very much like them when they are brushed with a light glitter dust.

Glittery orbs in rich holiday colors filling a wrought iron wall cage-like vase.
I had been wondering what to fill it with. (I also like glittery pinecones.)

"Sugar coated" fruit on the banister. So romantic & fairytale-like.
Reminds me of the sugar plum fairy.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

White tree with beautiful red birds.
     I have finally gotten around to posting some snippets of my Christmas with family! I can't believe it has taken me so long! This year, our Christmas tree was especially pretty. Our ornament collection is forever growing. We choose not to have theme trees, but instead have a tree that is decorated with all our personal ornaments. However, my mom has always wanted a white tree (since she was a girl!) & this year she finally got one. It was completely decorated in gorgeous red, sparkly, feathery birds! I am in love.
     We also had the most fabulous wrapping paper. Now when it comes to wrapping paper, I like to have gifts to people match. So when I did Nick's gifts, they were all metallics of red, green & silver. Mom's were all red & white with an emphasis on snowflakes. Long story short, I love to have them look like a matching set. I just get so giddy thinking about how pretty Christmas is! The red, green & all the glitter!!!
Peppermint paper.
             Family Christmas treee.

Metallic wrapping paper.
Red, green & silver.
Jingle bells on the tree.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Foot Fetish

How excited are you for 2012? Sure, it's a new year, we'll make resolutions, break them & so on. But I think the most exciting event of the new year is Shoemint! I am beyond thrilled! Stylemint already is phenomenal with its perfect tees & Jewelmint continues to have lovely items. However, I have always been a shoe addict. I love nothing more than buy shoes, shoes, shoes! Rachel Bilson, an up an coming designer & prominent fashionista, is cooperating with Nicole Chavez & Steve Madden for a remarkable shoe experience. Right now, you can purchase pairs from the exclusive preview collection. You can not go wrong with these fashion gurus designing fabulous shoes for you at a ridiculously affordable price! I can't wait for it to fully launch in 2012 & get my hand (or feet) on some amazing shoes!

Plus, get 20% off your first purchase!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

{Weekend Update}...Grandma's House

     No matter how old I get, I love nothing more than going to my Grandma Esther's house. She lives about an hour and a half from where I grew up. I always longed for her to move right next door; still do! But I wonder if some of the magic would be gone. I highly doubt it, but there is something so extremely special about getting out of the car, stretching your legs & then running up the steps to burst in and say, "We're here!" 
     My Grandma is almost 97. She is the most intelligent, kind, wise person I know. She'll tell you all the facts about Jimmy Carter, can recite the list of presidents chronologically & still will tell you who's dating who in Hollywood! Her passion for life can not be beat! Almost every inch in her kitchen is decorated with strawberries or cardinals & smells of coffee and cinnamon rolls. Her house is old, cozy & sits upon a gorgeous chunk of property right in town, with tress everywhere. (Something I miss in the city!)
    Needless to say, Grandma Esther is one pretty rad lady! I'm going over with Abby & mom today to visit. I can't wait to tell her all about the past few months. It's been ages! 

What do you love most about visiting your grandparents or other family members? Do they have a special love (like strawberries) that makes them them?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Rise & Run

Store your ever growing shoe collection!
I promise a Christmas re-cap is forthcoming. However, here is a new found obsession of mine. I love stairs. So often they are forgotten because they are everywhere. They are essential components of almost every house, business, mall around. Since stairs are such basic structure, like the meat & potatoes at dinner, they seem blah. But I think, why not make them ingenious, interesting & fabulous! Here are some ├╝bercool staircases that I think are simply the bomb. 
Does this at all remind you of The Princess Diaries?
For all my books!!!
Slide & Stairs!!! Fun for kids (and adults...)
So trippy. I mean it quite literally!
Try running these stairs!

*Photos via: one, two, three, four, five

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tree Lights
By: Shandi-lee (here)

Hello and Merry Christmas! I am blogging today from the comfiest chair in the coziest clothes at home in Wisconsin! How wonderful it is that I am with family & friends. Christmas Eve was filled with lots of love, laughing, food & drink! A candle light service with the prettiest hand bell choir & singing some of the best Christmas music with the choir was a blessing. Also, a delightful german family dinner with buttered noodles, mettwurst, vegetables, lime jello, corn & more. (Many a cookie and cake pop were enjoyed as well!) I am so happy to be able to spend time with all the wonderful people in my life! We were also lucky enough to have a dusting of snow for Christmas!

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays surrounded with all your loved ones. Hopefully you were on the nice list & received lovely packages as well. Eat sweets, give hugs & merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

Happy birthday, Nick! What a special day! You are forever out of the teens. Although officially adult at eighteen, I think you can safely claim to be an adult once you have reached the big 2-0. Do you feel ancient? You've been inhabiting this planet for two decades! I have always felt extremely sad for you that your birthday is so close to Christmas, but alas, you were born on a frightfully snowy night. I will spare everyone your baby stories. (You're welcome.) I've not much else to say other than you are a wonderful best friend and I find it more a present to me that I get to see you on your birthday. May your birthday be enveloped with love, laughter, luxury goods, sugar & happiness. Clyde & Nora would not exist if it were not for you. You are loved by many. 

Happy birthday, my dear.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Earlobe Love

Giles & Brother by Philip Crangi Nara Pave Quartz Stud Earrings
It's late & so not normal for me to send out posts like this. But, this was an exception. I had a very eventful day of waiting rooms with Nick. It sounds boring, but I loved it! I saw a bundle of adorable children, read for fun (yay!) and even got to see the efforts, intellect & individuality that go into make prosthetics. It really was quite wonderful. Now that I'm home & relaxing, I'm regretting a bit that we didn't get to go shopping. 

But these make up for it. How cool are they? Edgy with a refined twist. I love how clean & sparkly they are, but still have a softness to them. You could wear them with all sorts of things. They are classic & and also quirky!

Blue Christmas

Gorgeous Issa Gown
I saw this Issa dress & fell in love (as well as inspired!) First off, I have been adoring Issa ever since my favorite new duchess appeared wearing these amazing creations. Secondly, Christmas is always red & green & a dream-like white Christmas. This year, I'm having a little of a blue Christmas because it's a brown Christmas in the Midwest. There is not a speck of snow near my house. How sad is that?!? I know that many people never have snowy winters & I am so sad for the people living in California! I've been spoiled with blizzards for Christmas; wonderful snowmen, snow angels, ice skating, drawing on the frosty windows (fun fact: type "let it snow" into Google for at least 10 minutes of distraction) & even shoveling. This year, no such luck. So, instead of getting totally bummed out by this blue Christmas, why not use it to it's full potential! This holiday season, I'll be sporting lots of blue from my inspired Blue Christmas. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{Girl Crush}... Rachel Bilson

Hart of Dixie, Hairdos & Holidays
Photo by Scott Alan Humbert (here)
Rachel Bilson. My style icon, favorite actress & "girl crush." Possibly one of the best dressed stars for young women, always looking effortlessly classy, she's simply stunning. (It helps that my guilty pleasure show is The O.C.) She is the face & one of the designers for Shoemint, which launches in 2012. I can barely contain my excitement. You often see her in killer shoes and bags. A fan of Phillip Lim, Chanel & Rag and Bone.
Bilson is petite like me. She's about 5'2" so it's refreshing to see how she dresses. So often I feel bombarded by the Victoria's Secret Angels who stand heads above me, the average girl. Not only does she have impeccable taste, she has class. Rachel is notorious for her steadfast decision to not do nudity, living by the idea that not everyone has to see all of her. Now that's what I call impressive. All in all, she's a fantastic actress & fashion guru. Why wouldn't you want to emulate her?

Photo via here

Photo via here
Do you have a girl crush? Who is it? Why do you admire them?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feeling Lucky

Wishbone Pendant
How much do you love this necklace? Well, I adore it. I'm not necessarily superstitious, but I do like to read horoscopes, I keep my fortune cookie slips & I occasionally say, "knock on wood." Only sometimes. I swear. There certainly isn't a little rabbit foot (ew) on my keychain. This lovely little necklace might just make me call a mystic or sit down with psychic lady in the plaza. It is so dainty, simple & possibly very lucky. How much more "adult" would you feel wearing your lucky necklace for big events as opposed to your lucky underwear? Really. There's no question here! I'm also thinking it would be a sweet little gift for the Thanksgiving host! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sequin Search

Teal Sequin Skirt
I'm almost on Christmas Vacation! Almost! I only have a few things left & then I'm homeward bound to my favorite town. EC. Anyhow, with Christmas upon us, I've realized that New Year's is coming up as well! I have now entered the panic mode for what to wear. Of course, something sparkly would be nice! I wore this dress for a dance as well as a New Year's Eve wedding (sigh-how romantic) and now I need something equally disco ball-esque! I love this dress because it makes such a statement: completely sequined & backless key hole style. My other favorite part? It comes a little above the knee. Short enough to be sexy & long enough to be classy & leave intrigue. It's almost sleeveless, not quite cap sleeve and has a wonderful boat neck. All it all, this dress is the love of my closet. I need something as great or better this year! And I need your help!

My dress last year.

Dress for the NYE wedding

Black & Bronze front. Mesh inserts. Solid black back.

White sequin with mesh cut outs.

Silver sequin, one 3/4 arm.

Full sequin, Charcoal or Gold (can't decide!), long sleeve, V-Back.

Have a Cozy Christmas

Christmas vacation is truly the epitome of relaxation. With all the fluffy snow, warm fireplace, never ending plate of cookies & hot chocolate, it screams (or carols) coziness. Here is my wish list of cuddly winter gear. I hardly love anything more than having lazy days in the middle of winter. Watching the snow fall, listening to Michael Buble & Garrison Keillor, playing Scrabble. All of these activities require warm wool, holiday aromas & my favorite chocolate from Germany. Wishing you a wonderfully cozyday! 

What are your comfy winter favorites? What makes a day perfectly cozy for you?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seemingly Seattle

Pretty City Slicker in a Classic Yellow!
Just like the Morton Salt Girl.

Since it's only a little over a week until Christmas, I feel there should be snow on the ground. After all, I am in Minnesota. There should have been a blizzard by now! Instead, we have been experiencing drizzles for weeks. All it does in rain, drip drop, pour & sprinkle. Now, I adore the rain. I've always wanted to live in Seattle. There is just one issue. It's December in the Midwest! Usually, I'm wearing something like this, but this winter, I may be better suited with this

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Vacation

Around the World
Are you leaving for a fabulous Christmas vacation soon? I'm staying with my family & although I'm not going anywhere tropical, I can think of no other place I'd rather be. So whether you're a jet setter going to get a tan on a sunny island, staying for a weekend at a B&B or are simply hanging with the fam, here are some supplies you may need! Safe travels to all flying, driving, sailing, etc! A well deserved break awaits!
Freshen your flight
1. Bobbi Brown SPF Face Base
2. Bobbi Brown Pen Eye Brightener
3. Philosophy Hydrating Mist

The perfect bikini

Bright luggage tag for fast recovery at the baggage claim!
Rustic weekender bag for White Christmas in a
B&B or family cabin.
Save your memories without the bulk.
Pocket & purse perfect

Thursday, December 15, 2011


The end is almost in sight. Finals week has officially begun. I am now apologizing in advance if my posts are few & far between. However, the upside is that after Tuesday, I will be flying free & easy! The semester is so close to being done, I can almost taste gingerbread! This is a quick shot of what a very small section of my desk is looking like these days. It is cluttered with every book from the semester! I had so many textbooks, essay dossiers & syllabi that I embarrassingly "lost" a christmas present for my friend, Alex! It was buried under a mountain of readings & edited papers. I even called USPS (they were so nice) to complain that even though I received a confirmation letter, my package surely didn't arrive! Later, I realized I had had it for over a's definitely finals week. So, a wish of good luck to all those testing this week! Deep breaths, sleep, caffeine & the library and we should come out alive! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prim & Proper

How adorable is this Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace? The little bow tie is so delicate & classy, but it had a bit of a quirky vibe! Preppy without being stuffy. A perfect accessory to tailor any outfit. So now when you feel like getting duded up, don't wear this (although it's a total classic), throw on this necklace and be the most dapper girl around. 

Raggedy Ann


One of the saddest days for my closet in a long time today. My favorite pair of jeans (similar style here) are getting old. When I say old, I mean decrepit. The knees are beginning to wear through and they lack the former crispness jeans normally have. (I love this feel. For the most part, I like my jeans to have a bit of a stiff feel. Otherwise I might as well wear sweats.)
     So I'm wondering....
     Can I keep wearing these much loved jeans once the loose their initial loveliness? I don't want to look like a rag picker. But these jeans are like my "favorite child." I wear them more than socially acceptable. As in, people start to notice them & refer to them as my signature pants. As if I don't have any others???
     Here is what is so cool about them. They have zipper ankles!  But I felt so styling because I got them when zipper ankles were pretty new! Nobody I knew had them, so now every time I wear them, I still feel that rush of being a trend setter in the making. But with them getting to beat up, I run the risk of looking like, "I give up." And I never want to look like that!
    Some people, most enviably Hollywood stars, can pull off the rolled out of bed look with great ease. But can normal people? Some people swear by keeping a pair or two of "loved" clothes. The distressed denim phase did recently leave the scene, but will inevitably return. This being the case, I wouldn't even need to buy a pair of specially destroyed pants because I'll have the ones I did on my own!

Do you have an article of clothing that you keep (and wear!) even though it's old & is getting worn?
Is it style suicide to keep these loved jeans?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Patchwork Carpenter

I am obsessed with this Carpenter inspired handbag by Tommy Hilfiger. A fleecy wool in a striped patchwork style exterior recreates the perfect tote. It looks like flannel is no longer reserved for lumberjacks and jills! This cozy bag is perfect chilly winter days. The tomato red stripe keeps it bright & poppy yet festive. Wear it with this to the holiday party at the Pub for an understated Christmas ensemble. Or, pair it with a these jeans and this sweater for a casual, comfy errands outfit. So relaxed, yet so refined. 

Home Spa

Every now & then, I desire a day to myself. A day in which I pampered. I want my nails done, by face mud masked, and even get a hand massage! I usually opt for the home spa treatment. To my surprise, I usually like it more than leaving. Why? It makes your home feel so calm for a few wonderful hours. 

My essential stay at home spa day includes:

A delicious hand exfoliating scrub. (I usually make mine with olive oil & sugar.)

 Mud mask (make sure you include cucumbers for your eyes!)

Rich body butter-anything with paraffin or Cocoa/Shea butter are my favorites!

An album with crashing waves or lovely piano. (I've been listening to George Winston since I was six.)

Also, have you used these? I'd love to try them, but they kind of look silly.
I hear they work wonders. 

Top photo via (here)
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