Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deck the Halls

Hosting a holiday party? Looking to dress up the table? Here are handful of lovely items that I'm quite in love with. One of my favorite things is playing with different styles. Mixing and matching until you create a new cohesive look that is uniquely yours! 

This concept board is probably my personal favorite of mixed styles. It combines natural elements with sleek, modern design. Notice that it is very clean looking. Most of the color pops are from the organic elements like the wood serving dish, moss wreath and hydrangeas. Everything else is crisp & elegant. Try mixing natural pinecones with white porcelain ones. Also remember: hydrangeas have very little fragrance so it won't conflict with the smell of your meal & sensitive guests won't be uncomfortable like with pungent bouquets. And don't forget! Everyone loves Michael Buble! (sigh.)

1. Glass & Chalkboard Carafe: keeps everyone's drinks separate and identifies beverages.
2. Moss Wreath: woodsy, kind of indie, still green. Just quirky enough to start a conversation too!
3. 3 Tier Desert Stand: Mix it up and put your appetizers on here instead. Or you can alternate levels.
4. Michael Buble Christmas Album: the voice that makes you swoon...
5. Hydrangeas (photo via here): not fragrant! Keep your guests happy! Plus, the look like fluffy snowballs!
6. Lucite Glass Cake Pedestal: Protect the cake from eager fingers but you can still see how pretty it is!
7. Wood Serving Tray: Modern design, rustic feel. Embodies the combo.
8. Metallic Taper Candles: Unscented and elegant.
9. Placemats: Fun assortment to compliment the white & glass table settings.
10. Pinecones: Combine pretty porcelain with woodsy organic ones for an interesting dynamic.

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  1. I recently purchased Michael Bubles Christmas album and in the last three days I have listened through it 5 times! It is so good and I would recommend it to anyone trying to get into the Christmas mood!


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