Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blue Christmas

Gorgeous Issa Gown
I saw this Issa dress & fell in love (as well as inspired!) First off, I have been adoring Issa ever since my favorite new duchess appeared wearing these amazing creations. Secondly, Christmas is always red & green & a dream-like white Christmas. This year, I'm having a little of a blue Christmas because it's a brown Christmas in the Midwest. There is not a speck of snow near my house. How sad is that?!? I know that many people never have snowy winters & I am so sad for the people living in California! I've been spoiled with blizzards for Christmas; wonderful snowmen, snow angels, ice skating, drawing on the frosty windows (fun fact: type "let it snow" into Google for at least 10 minutes of distraction) & even shoveling. This year, no such luck. So, instead of getting totally bummed out by this blue Christmas, why not use it to it's full potential! This holiday season, I'll be sporting lots of blue from my inspired Blue Christmas. 

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  1. great post! loving this color!!


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