Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Home Spa

Every now & then, I desire a day to myself. A day in which I pampered. I want my nails done, by face mud masked, and even get a hand massage! I usually opt for the home spa treatment. To my surprise, I usually like it more than leaving. Why? It makes your home feel so calm for a few wonderful hours. 

My essential stay at home spa day includes:

A delicious hand exfoliating scrub. (I usually make mine with olive oil & sugar.)

 Mud mask (make sure you include cucumbers for your eyes!)

Rich body butter-anything with paraffin or Cocoa/Shea butter are my favorites!

An album with crashing waves or lovely piano. (I've been listening to George Winston since I was six.)

Also, have you used these? I'd love to try them, but they kind of look silly.
I hear they work wonders. 

Top photo via (here)

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