Monday, December 19, 2011

Sequin Search

Teal Sequin Skirt
I'm almost on Christmas Vacation! Almost! I only have a few things left & then I'm homeward bound to my favorite town. EC. Anyhow, with Christmas upon us, I've realized that New Year's is coming up as well! I have now entered the panic mode for what to wear. Of course, something sparkly would be nice! I wore this dress for a dance as well as a New Year's Eve wedding (sigh-how romantic) and now I need something equally disco ball-esque! I love this dress because it makes such a statement: completely sequined & backless key hole style. My other favorite part? It comes a little above the knee. Short enough to be sexy & long enough to be classy & leave intrigue. It's almost sleeveless, not quite cap sleeve and has a wonderful boat neck. All it all, this dress is the love of my closet. I need something as great or better this year! And I need your help!

My dress last year.

Dress for the NYE wedding

Black & Bronze front. Mesh inserts. Solid black back.

White sequin with mesh cut outs.

Silver sequin, one 3/4 arm.

Full sequin, Charcoal or Gold (can't decide!), long sleeve, V-Back.

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