Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reality Check

Brilliant man.
 Biographies. There is a never ending supply of interesting people and thus, an eternal desire to know about them. If I had the time, I'd would adore to have a biography reading club. I'm an avid reader & I am fond of almost every genre. Novels, poetry, even travel books! But I always thoroughly enjoy a biography or memoir. Memoirs are the perfect blend of novel & reality. Biographies are simply fascinating. Here are few of biographies I'd like to get my hands on this Christmas break!
Hilarious Tina
Most interesting family
The Ellen Show

These two memoirs are some of my favorites! I read each in about two or three days. Both are bluntly honest and eye opening. Jesus Land and Oh for the Glory of it All are revealing and eye opening. Not to mention out right dramatic.

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  1. My husband, Richard, recently finished the Steve Jobs biography by Isaacson. Jobs had interesting Wisconsin ties. It's amazing how many failures go into a success. Makes me feel better about things--truly! If you need a copy to borrow, he's finished. It's a biggie!

  2. How interesting! It's on my Christmas wish list (along with many others) so I'm getting excited to finally read for pleasure over vacation!


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