Thursday, December 15, 2011


The end is almost in sight. Finals week has officially begun. I am now apologizing in advance if my posts are few & far between. However, the upside is that after Tuesday, I will be flying free & easy! The semester is so close to being done, I can almost taste gingerbread! This is a quick shot of what a very small section of my desk is looking like these days. It is cluttered with every book from the semester! I had so many textbooks, essay dossiers & syllabi that I embarrassingly "lost" a christmas present for my friend, Alex! It was buried under a mountain of readings & edited papers. I even called USPS (they were so nice) to complain that even though I received a confirmation letter, my package surely didn't arrive! Later, I realized I had had it for over a's definitely finals week. So, a wish of good luck to all those testing this week! Deep breaths, sleep, caffeine & the library and we should come out alive! 

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