Friday, August 31, 2012

{Fall Threads}...Dinner Partay

Nothing says welcome fall and friends like a fabulously fun dinner party. I'm imagining a roasted chicken or pumpkin soup with asparagus mixed in with some sweet potato and eggplant. Yum! We just had a huge family dinner the other night! It doesn't have to be anything super fancy, but it's a blast having a feast when the weather cools down!
Use a fairly neutral dining set so that your food can really pop. White dishes and dark silverware make a bold statement on the table without taking the spotlight away from the beautiful colors in your food. A fun way to incorporate hues in dish ware is the serving vessel. Imagine some butternut squash and asparagus in that turquoise serving dish! Love!

Of course you want look great, but you also want to look comfortable. Make your guests feel at ease with the modern kaftan...a simple shift dress and flats. You'll be looking the part in a versatile outfit. 

Don't forget the music! You'll want it just in case conversation drags...OR you feel like dancing!

P.S...How cool is this carbonator? No need to buy tonic water, make your own as needed!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tweed Off

L'Wren Scott

A beloved fall trend...the grandpa look. Cozy, nubby knits; elbow patches and slouchy pockets; flannel and tweed. Thankfully, with the emphasis on American Sportswear and The Iron Lady, the grandpa look just went from dowdy to dapper in tweed. 

Tweed makes me think of studies with leather chairs, cigars, red lipstick, coffee, literature, and phonographs. All things timelessly sophisticated. We are seeing a beautiful fall trend evoking cultivated, confident, comfortable lifestyles all unified. Fabulous! What does tweed make you think of?
Marc Jacobs

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{Splurge or Save}...Foxy Lady

Ages ago, my mom had a child in her classroom who would always put hands up by his head making ears and say to you, "Foxy Wady" with a little smirk. The twitching ears with the adorable "lady" made me crack up. This adorable fox studs remind me of that little guy. I love how simple, quirky, but ladylike they are. Who needs fur when you have these studly fox on your lobes? There's even a necklace, too!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I always find kitchens difficult to decorate. It seems that every room in a house has fun prints and art, except the kitchen/dining room. These adorable prints by the Aldas Project would be so perfect for adding some personality to the room that you spend so much time in. 

The Aldas Project is a pretty nifty thing. The artist, Kristy Modarelli, made a piece of art everyday and sold them on Etsy. There are still some available for purchase. The profits are then donated to her three favorite charities.

Via here

{Make It}...Relaxing Rice Bag

 I'm not old, nor am I anywhere near there, but after a really long day, sometimes your back hurts. This is probably because I don't sit at a proper desk like I should. There is something very relaxing about a hot compress. Even if you're not sore! (I also like putting them in my bed in the winter. Warm sheets!) I made my own little rice bag to heat up, because I like having fun prints and different sizes. They are so simple! 
You will need:

5 lb. bag of rice
Sewing machine
1 yd fabric (just in case) - use cotton or flannel

I made mine a manageable size. I measured and marked my fabric to me 13 X 9 inches, which allowed for a seam. 

I then ironed by fabric, folded in half and cut out both sides laying back to back. Keeping it with the patter side in, I pinned three sides (two long, one wide) and went to the sewing machine. I just used white thread, but any color could be fine. 

Sewing the three sides, I made sure to reinforce the ends just in case by doing a back stitch. 

Then...turn the bag right side out so you have a little sack. Fill with rice. I used a lot! Probably about six or seven cups.

With the open end, fold the raw edges inward and pin those folds together. Just run it through the sewing machine making sure to reinforce this seam especially! 

Heat in microwave and enjoy!

I love making these in different sizes, prints, and fabrics! They are also great for a gift. My mom loves hers. I use mine way more than I thought I would. You could also make them in a shape of a neck roll, or even like those collar pillows you use for long trips.

Monday, August 27, 2012

{Weekend Update}...Preparations

List making, photo taking, hard drive back up-ing.

List making, shopping, and packing were the three domination factors of my weekend. Thrilling, I know. Although pretty mundane, there is something very calming about preparing. A small part of me deep down is totally stressed out right. Freaking about if I have everything I need, contacting my roommates, and part of me is already missing my family. Although I'm only an hour and a half away, it can be hard to leave home and get right back into school mode.

So with lots going on in life, I like to take a deep breath and prepare for the storm ahead. Thanks to a wonderful family, I'm all ready and am feeling much better about the new things coming.

Much enjoyed afternoon nap.

Packing up some wall decorations.
Photos via Instagram

Friday, August 24, 2012

That Tastes Happy

Are you an emotional eater? Many of us know that it's bad. Technically. So we all say, "Of course not!" We think we have enough control, enough self respect and common sense to reasons with our emotions on a more contemplative, logical level. I'll admit it, though...

I do eat based on my emotions sometimes. When I'm feeling sad or blah, I make comfort food. There is not way you can get me to eat a salad if I had a really bad day. If a friend is feeling down, I make a batch of cookies. 

Emotional eating doesn't mean that you gorge yourself on crap only when you feel bad. When I got my college acceptance letter, we celebrated with a fun dinner. When your friend gets engaged, you throw a party complete with food. Having a baby? Throw a shower with light pink macaroons and punch. WE even have food after funerals, or even little snacks at wakes!

So is it really as bad as everyone says it is? Is emotional eating seriously an eating disorder? Perhaps, but if so, then all of America is suffering from a collective eating disorder. I'm not telling you to hide from your feelings through food. But let's not feel bad about that pint of Ben and Jerry's you ate after your last break up. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Splurge or Save}...Close to My Heart

J.Crew started the heart trend a few seasons ago, and it still hasn't faded for a fall/winter favorite. And thank goodness! Preppy, whimsical, quirky, all good things for a go-to sweater. 

So, you can splurge on this J.Crew Heart Sweater....Or save on this sweater (it comes in different colors, too!) from Old Navy. Either way, show your love!

{Curious}...Flight of Fancy

As you know, I have a desire to travel. In high school I went on a tour of Central Europe with my classmates. It was amazing, and I wanted to go back the minute I came home. Even though it was just for twelve days, I was ready, even itching at points to return to the States. 

Now that I'm in college, I'm strongly encouraged to study abroad. Immediately I think it sounds fantastic. Is there anything more romantic, exciting, and even dreamy about living and learning in a different country? But. It's expensive. I mean, really expensive! Is it truly worth all the money to learn the same material in a different location? seems like such a long time! Last time I traveled abroad, I was gone for less than two weeks and I was with my sister and classmates. Now I would be gone for at least a month, possibly a semester, even a year. Furthermore, I probably wouldn't be with people I know. I might be totally alone. That's scary, I think.

So I'm wondering what your opinion is. Is study abroad truly worth the sacrifices? The money, loneliness, etc? Did you study abroad, and if so to where did you go? I'd like to try Central Europe, Greece, or the UK. Anyway, let me know what you think! I'd love some sage advice on this one. :)

Photo by Steven P. Wilhite via

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Personal Museum

Do you collect anything? Sometimes I see these amazing (and sometimes bizarre) collections, and I'm blown away. It's fascinating, because so many collections have personal stories or incredible historical significance. They're also so visually stunning, even overwhelming at times. When you see one, you're almost inspired to do the same.

I don't really collect anything. I have lots of books that I've accumulated over the years, but there isn't one thing that, if I see, I need to get it. You know those people who see a turtle and must buy it?  I don't have the dedication to stick with one thing forever. It seriously blows my mind. What commitment, right? To always feel so passionate about a single item or genre, that you dedicate most of you life collecting and curating it, is kind of ultra crazy meets cool.

I'd love to know your thoughts on collecting. Do you think collections are just as bad as hoarding? Is it gateway hoarding? Do you collect and if so, what do you have? LEt me know what you think!

Top photo by Barcroft Media via
Butterfly photo via
Rock photo via

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Guest List

You know how girls' night can become girl's weekend? Yeah, that happens a lot. And when out of town friends surprise you for a few days? Well you'd best be prepared for those bunking buddings! Let's keep them all happy with a fab guest room and treats! Make it comfy with quirky pillows, bright toiletries, and unisex fragrances. Oh, and let's keep them amused and hydrated! I also like to keep small packages of sweets set aside as goodies for my lovely guests!

Monday, August 20, 2012

{Weekend Update}...Movers and Shakers

Real life Tetris.

After many boxes, suitcases and totes, most (okay-half) of my belongings have been moved to my new apartment! Before the first move in trip yesterday, we did some end of summer cleaning. Refreshing! The weather was gorgeous and cool, so welcome, Fall! Oh, I can't forget...girls' night! In my book, there's no better way to inaugurate the weekend than a good old fashioned sleep over with your best gal pals. The end of summer has been a whirlwind of emotions, to do lists, obligations and more. When things get pretty crazy in life, my best remedy is friendship.

Looking a lil' bare. But not too shabby.

Fantastic friends. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

{Fall Threads}...Crisp Picnic

The past few days have been a little blustery, with cool mornings and brisk nights! But wait, it's still summer! There are still weeks of iced tea sipping, outside barbecues, and picnicking! So to start off our Fall Threads column, we've got a picnic packed for you! The perfect way to transition from leisurely summer days, to crisp fall afternoons!

Having a picnic has always been special for me. I live in a city that is filled with fantastic parks and luscious greens, but still quite urban. Packing a lunch with freshly picked fruit, iced tea, hummus & pita chips is delightful, because spreading out a colorful blanket and nibbling with your friends in the breezy sunshine is happiness. My friends and I love going to the park on nights there is live music to enjoy a great local band, snacks and laughs.

This weekend, grab some buddies and have a picnic to inaugurate the cool breezes and begin bidding farewell to hazy lazy days.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

{Make It}...Fresh Start

I had this ragged aqua blue frame from my early high school years (yikes!) that was buried deep in memorabilia and dust under the bed. In it's first life, it house a lovely collage of the band U2. Yeah. I was that obsessed. Recently, I've found it liberating throw old junk from my haunting past, or refurbish it. Let's face it. You can't hide from everything. Why not take something that you'd rather ignore and turn it into something pretty rad that you don't mind if other people notice? Attention is good. Glam is good. Change is good! From barf blue to feisty fuchsia, this change for the frame is pretty damn fab. Our lives should be too.

You will need:

a wooden frame
rubbing alcohol
cotton balls/rounds
craft paint
detail paint brushes
clear lacquer/glaze

No matter what kind of surface you're working with, use rubbing alcohol to clean the frame. Since mine had old paint, I use the alcohol to not only clean the wood or any residue/dust, but also to remove excess, uneven coats of paint.

 With your craft paint and medium flat brush, add thin layers of paint. Allow each coat to dry so it is smooth to the touch. Don't worry about getting in the grooves. As you can see above, the first and even second coat may not get into those tiny details.

With your detail brush, after the last coat has dried (I painted probably three or four coats for maximum coverage and impact), fill in any touch ups. Let your frame cure completely over night.

The next day, with a medium/large flat brush add a generous coat of lacquer. Let it dry to the touch and add a second coat for high gloss shine! Again, be patient. You should let the frame dry with the glaze for another day before putting in your photo/art and glass! 

And doesn't it look fab?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{Look Book Love}...Vero Moda

I really fell in love with Vero Moda when I was shopping in Europe. Their look book for autumn is stunning. (It probably helps that the gorgeous Alexa Chung is modeling the clothes.)With lacey details, drop waists and collars galore - it's the perfect mix of vintage with modern twists. 

Isn't the styling of the shoot fantastic? Rustic, earthy and even bare, it allows the fantastically feminine nature of the line to really show through! 

Photos via

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{Splurge or Save}...Computer Commuter

School is starting up soon and fall shall descend upon us. Something I always need is a great satchel to carry all my things. Because I often have classes back to back, I need to have my computer, cords, wallet, notebooks and more all in one place. And sure, I like my backpack, but sometimes don't you want something that transitions from the classroom to your internship? It needs to be timeless. It needs to be functional. That's why I love both these black satchels. They have a great vintage charm with fantastic detailing, but are cool enough in black to fit anyone's style and personality. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

{Weekend Update}...Farmer's Market Finds

The weather was so incredibly gorgeous this weekend it would have been a crime to not go out and enjoy it. My family went down to the local farmer's market held at Phoenix Park, which is breathtaking.  We had to take one or two strolls around the place before actually deciding on what we wanted. Fresh bread, crisp greens, hearty tubers and flowers make the entire market explode with color. Oh, and did I mention there are local artists and musicians, too? Yeah, it's pretty much ridiculously perfect. I definitely felt and acted like a tourist in my own town this weekend, which can be fun. 

We decided upon fresh peaches (yum!), finger potatoes, freshly baked focaccia bread and caramel apple bread, both from Bohemian Ovens. We know the family who owns it and they seriously make the best breads and pastries. In Bloomer, WI, they use a brick oven and old techniques. It's the bomb. 

So happy Monday! I hope you got out there to enjoy nature's beauty! When you really look around, there is some pretty amazing stuff. For example, some of my favorite things in life are looking at fresh produce. Weird, I know. But it's gorgeous. And did you see the meteor shower? Sadly, it was a bit too cloudy for me. I'd love to know what you saw!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Falling From the Sky

Will you be watching the Perseid Meteor Shower? This weekend is the peak of the shower. Look out tonight and pre dawn Sunday morning to see some lovely falling stars. The farther you are from city lights, the better you will see it! So fascinating and beautiful, this would be the ideal romantic date or even a fun thing to do with your girlfriends. So grab some buddies and watch! Nature is breathtaking. 

Photo via

Friday, August 10, 2012

{Splurge or Save}...Spotted Shorts

Y'all know I love me some polka dots! I just posted about how we've been seeing spots and dots all over this place for fall. Although we'd love to wear cardigans and wool knickers, early fall can still be toasty! I love pairing shorts with a light sweater for early fall, So make sure you ease from summer to fall with some polka dot shorties! Both these shorts are a great burnt sienna tan that will be a great transition for seasons!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dot, Dot, Dot...

Besides American Sportswear, aristocratic jet-setter chic, and fantastically rich colors, polka dots have made quite the mark for fall fashion. I'm jazzed! Stripes and polka dots are my favorites. Feeling unsure about how to style this seemingly childish patter? No worries!

Daytime: I enjoy pairing two prints. Just make sure that one print is larger than the other. Above, I have a purple polka dot jean paired with a larger polka dot loafer and basic white blouse. Add some basic accessories for a transition to evening.

Nighttime: wear a demure polka dot dress with a little waist. Add a sparkly sandal for all night dancing, and a shimmery clutch that doubles as a wallet during the day in your tote. Some fabby baubles make this evening look whimsical and cool.

{Day} Blouse / Jeans / Loafers
{Night} Dress / Shoes
{Accessories} Shades / Tote / Clutch / Necklace

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We've been talking about some change lately, and you may have noticed a physical change to the blog over the week. I've been experimenting with different layouts, themes, color schemes, even names! Perhaps you stopped by for the twenty minutes that I thought about changing it from "Clyde and Nora" to "Copperboom"! Although it may seem crazy to change it up so frequently, I find that it allows me to keep the blog (and also my writing) fresh. It also allows Abby to create some wonderful ideas. In case you were wondering, Abby usually designs all my headers, layouts, etc. She's pretty fabulous. She runs her blog, Classic Kitsch, which is just that. It's awesome, just like her. 

Anyway, I'm trying to embrace change over here. By changing it up on the blog, I allow myself to do it in more areas of my life as well. This is especially helpful, because on the blog I can visually see the good change. I see the metamorphosis into a beautiful product. I just need to remember that it also happens in life. We just don't see it. At least not instantly. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{Eat It}...Chewy Ginger Cookies

It seems like ages ago since the Olympics started. For the opening ceremonies, my family had a little viewing party, complete with all the fixings; burgers and brats were grilled, berries picked, desserts made. Abby and I were in charge of desserts, so instead of going with the classic chocolate chip cookie, which can feel a little heavy and overly sweet in summer, we opted for a chewy ginger cookie. Since it wasn't a snap, but a softly dense cookie, it was the perfect dessert. 

Ginger also helps settle upset stomachs (that's why you should have ginger ale when feeling queazy), so after a huge dinner the cookies were actually just right. I know it seems like a winter cookie, but with cold milk, or iced coffee, they're a great dessert for any season. Bonus: your house smells amazing throughout the whole process. I just love how fragrant ginger is. It's not overly sweet and is almost savory. Fantastic. 

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