Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

Happy birthday, Nick! What a special day! You are forever out of the teens. Although officially adult at eighteen, I think you can safely claim to be an adult once you have reached the big 2-0. Do you feel ancient? You've been inhabiting this planet for two decades! I have always felt extremely sad for you that your birthday is so close to Christmas, but alas, you were born on a frightfully snowy night. I will spare everyone your baby stories. (You're welcome.) I've not much else to say other than you are a wonderful best friend and I find it more a present to me that I get to see you on your birthday. May your birthday be enveloped with love, laughter, luxury goods, sugar & happiness. Clyde & Nora would not exist if it were not for you. You are loved by many. 

Happy birthday, my dear.

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