Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Raggedy Ann


One of the saddest days for my closet in a long time today. My favorite pair of jeans (similar style here) are getting old. When I say old, I mean decrepit. The knees are beginning to wear through and they lack the former crispness jeans normally have. (I love this feel. For the most part, I like my jeans to have a bit of a stiff feel. Otherwise I might as well wear sweats.)
     So I'm wondering....
     Can I keep wearing these much loved jeans once the loose their initial loveliness? I don't want to look like a rag picker. But these jeans are like my "favorite child." I wear them more than socially acceptable. As in, people start to notice them & refer to them as my signature pants. As if I don't have any others???
     Here is what is so cool about them. They have zipper ankles!  But I felt so styling because I got them when zipper ankles were pretty new! Nobody I knew had them, so now every time I wear them, I still feel that rush of being a trend setter in the making. But with them getting to beat up, I run the risk of looking like, "I give up." And I never want to look like that!
    Some people, most enviably Hollywood stars, can pull off the rolled out of bed look with great ease. But can normal people? Some people swear by keeping a pair or two of "loved" clothes. The distressed denim phase did recently leave the scene, but will inevitably return. This being the case, I wouldn't even need to buy a pair of specially destroyed pants because I'll have the ones I did on my own!

Do you have an article of clothing that you keep (and wear!) even though it's old & is getting worn?
Is it style suicide to keep these loved jeans?

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