Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting Kitschy

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Just seeing these amazing salt & pepper shakers makes me want to hop right into the kitchen. I'm not an avid salter with my food. I'm not a big fan of salty things (I mean, sure, of I course I love potato chips) but for the most part, I leave my plate as is. And pepper, well, let's say my palate is delicate. However, these adorable shakers may lead to a spicy epiphany! Also, they're good for your house because they're trunks are pointing up! Remember: trunk down is bad luck, trunk up good luck! (These could be a fun housewarming gift!) I'm sure my twin sister would adore these. Birthday present anyone?

How do you feel about kitsch? Yes, or no? Some think it's tacky. I find if it's done sparingly, it can be very whimsical & quirky with a dash of chic. But, I love out of the ordinary. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these!


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  2. VERY VERY CUTE!!! I have poodle ones but I love how those ones are intertwined. I think kitsch sparingly, its cute and fun!

  3. Hailey, I totally agree with you! Little goes a long way is my motto! Poodles sound so adorable. I might have to start collecting cute ones.


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