Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

White tree with beautiful red birds.
     I have finally gotten around to posting some snippets of my Christmas with family! I can't believe it has taken me so long! This year, our Christmas tree was especially pretty. Our ornament collection is forever growing. We choose not to have theme trees, but instead have a tree that is decorated with all our personal ornaments. However, my mom has always wanted a white tree (since she was a girl!) & this year she finally got one. It was completely decorated in gorgeous red, sparkly, feathery birds! I am in love.
     We also had the most fabulous wrapping paper. Now when it comes to wrapping paper, I like to have gifts to people match. So when I did Nick's gifts, they were all metallics of red, green & silver. Mom's were all red & white with an emphasis on snowflakes. Long story short, I love to have them look like a matching set. I just get so giddy thinking about how pretty Christmas is! The red, green & all the glitter!!!
Peppermint paper.
             Family Christmas treee.

Metallic wrapping paper.
Red, green & silver.
Jingle bells on the tree.

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