Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hairy Situation

Possible favorite.
I had long hair. I loved it. I have this natural light streak right by my bangs that becomes brilliant blonde in the summer. I've experimented with bangs. I've also chopped it off. Twice. Both times I regretted it, liked it, wished for it back & the vicious circle kept going. So now, I've been growing it out for the second time in my life. I'm happy to report that by Christmas, I expect to have a full fledged bob! I am a serial hair cutter. I've always considered hair to be an accessory so I play with different styles quite bit. I've never actually had a hair style for much longer than 6-10 months. When it goes bad, well, I've tried wearing hats, but I'm not really a hat girl. It doesn't look right on me. I suppose I'm not indie enough. (I wish I was!) So, in the end, I keep changing it up & surprising everyone with new hair!
Just cut.
Three months.
Six months
Seven months
So, my question: Have you ever had a really bad haircut? Did you get one you wanted, loved, hated & kept changing your mind? What was your solution? What did you do to embrace it? I'd love to hear how you cope with hair. 

***top photo via the wonderful photographer, Jen Schultz. (And yes, that's my sister on the homepage.)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Art of Simplicity

Another inspiring Spring 2012 collection from Phillip Lim 3.1 this week. This collection is so simple & cool. I love the clean lines, airy pastel palate and the texture layers. The black & blue look great together; I couldn't be happier. I've been waiting for the signal that it would be acceptable! Yay for navy & noir! The layered whites & grays are so chic, so cool. An awesome combo of textures & layers. The neutrals are beautiful. I can't wait to wear an ensemble of tan, taupes, blacks & nudes with some great lip color

***photos via (here)

Monday, November 28, 2011

{Eat It}...In the Oven

Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving offers a plethora of delectable food! I am a fan of the turkey tryptophan nap. And I can not deny the savory flavors of homemade chex mix or popcorn rings. In the end, I am a tried & true baked goods girl. I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth. Also, I have always been a better baker than a cook. I see baking as an art & cooking as a science. So this Thanksgiving, I was obsessed with the classics. Pumpkin pie, cranberry apple pie & homemade crescent rolls. 

Also, I love these more than my makeshift one out of tin foil.
Cranberry Apple Pie
Homemade Crescent Rolls

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Before the Feast...

Here's a quick post from my Thanksgiving break. More to come, I promise. I know that all the hype surrounding Thanksgiving is about the main meal that day. However, I feel bad that everything else is forgotten. This year, I had a lovely brunch with my sister and parents. The day before Thanksgiving, we explored gave them a mini tour of the city and great places to go. Of course, that included a light brunch that was perfectly satisfying so that we had room the next day. I had a chicken & spinach quiche with a balsamic salad and fruit water! Don't forget shared sips of coffee! What are you're pre Thanksgiving activites?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feeling Thankful

    Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.  ~W.J. Cameron
Happy Thanksgiving! I am so excited to celebrate this holiday with my family! I'm living a crazy life right now so this has been a much anticipated event. I know I am so blessed with the wonderful people in my life. That is what I'm thankful for. 
Nick is my closet friend and I can't imagine a life without him. He's cool and totally brilliant. (This blog wouldn't have a name if it weren't for him!) Thanks for making me smile every single day!

Mom & Dad
My parents! Mom and dad are by far the greatest parental units around. I'm so amazed by everything they manage to do for me. Not to mention, they raised twins! Crazy. My mom is a teacher and every day she is teaching kiddos the joys of learning. Over 200 people in the midwest are literate thanks to her! My dad, what a superb guy. He helps people plan their future. They didn't do a bad job with me, either! I am so thankful for their steadfast support.

Church family
My extended family. My god parents and their family are seriously the most genuine people I know. I have four more "siblings" thanks to them. Their house was my second home when I was growing up. So many good memories. We actual celebrate Thanksgiving with them. Thank you for being so chill when we broke the closet (twice) & hid the attic.

Finally, I'm thankful for my big sis! Although born only 30 seconds before me, she definitely gives me advice when I need it most. Abby is the best girlfriend & sister a girl could ask for. Her intellect, compassion and wry humor outshine the masses and yet she still manages to be unbelievably humble. Thank you for watching hours on end of Gilmore Girls and The OC and listening to me gab about Classical Civilization when no one else wanted to!

Minnesota and Wisconsin. I'm also very blessed and thankful to live in such a sweet location. The cities has so much to do without being scary huge. My hometown is the birthplace of the rad band Bon Iver. Plus, I get to experience every season & am not susceptible to any natural disasters. Pretty darn lucky.

So, I'd like to know...what are you thankful for this year? Family & friends? Your health? Your job?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

{The Adventures}...Athens

Theater of Dionysus
I have a myriad of future destinations tucked away in my brain. Currently, I am extremely interested in Classical Civilizations. Thus, my desired travel location is Athens, Greece. An historically rich culture documented with enormously fantastic ruins. This is at the top of my list. I am already looking up places to see. I want to make sure I see the current culture and explore the beaten path too. I get a little tired of tourism only locations.

Some of the greatest tragedies and comedies were first performed here! How neat.
The Parthenon
Did you know...There are no right angles in the Parthenon? The architects Iktinos and Kallikrates designed it imperfectly to avoid optical illusions that make it appear distorted. How intriguing. It is intentionally flawed to be perfect. 
Porch of the Erechtheion
Wouldn't this dress make you feel divine?

P.S. The thought of trip makes me yearn for this!

photos via (here) (here) (here)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Super Separates: Chanel Spring 2012

I am loving the Chanel Spring Collection 2012. I know. I was just raving about how glad I am that winter is here. But....part of what I love about winter is that the fall collections emerge. Chanel is featuring separates this spring and I couldn't be more pleased. Separates as so wearable for the everyday fashionista. I am so in love with the pastels for spring. And, how could you not adore the futuristic looking silver shoes for the collection?


***photos via (here)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Rad Plaid

The chilly season has me craving plaid. The whole family can go crazy for this traditional seasonal print. Kids look cute, men look like classic american sportswear models, women look casually chic & comfortable. In short, plaid & checkerboard look rustically stunning. 
3. Burberry Kids-$135-185
4. Gingam Check Mug (Crate & Barrel)
5. Mod Plaid Stemware-$14.99-16.99

Sunday, November 20, 2011


color block & basic
L: Imagining Scarf-Anthropologie; R: Cozy Colorblock Scarf-Gap
Scarves, scarves, scarves. There are so many options to keep warm in the chilly winter. Not only can they be great for staying cozy, they add a little something to every outfit you wear. Wear them multiple ways for different looks. Dress up or down. Having a bad hair day? Wear it in your hair. Your basic long sleeve tee looking plain not basic? Add a scarf!
Silky sheer scarves
L: Alexander McQueen 'Porcelain' Chiffon Scarf; R: Alexander McQueen 'Leopard Skull' Chiffon Scarf
Cowls and Infinity
L: Small Fur Collar; R: Infinity Scarf-Both Gap

Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Snow

Snow tracks
The first snowfall of the year is (finally) here! I can't believe it has taken this long for the snow to fall in Minnesota. It is so beautifully white and glittery! Although it's a bit chilly & blustery, I can't help but be so excited for this season. I can officially listen to christmas music, eat cut out cookies and do all the wintery activities I love with out shame! Here are some pictures and inspirations from my "first-snow-of-the-year-walk." Cheers to a wonderfully wintery weekend!
A dusting of snow on still green bushes

Slippery snowy steps
And here are some songs to enjoy with the weather!
Snow Song from "White Christmas"

Sleep-Eric Whitacre

Eyze Sheleg (What Snow)  from Five Hebrew Love Songs-Eric Whitacre

Savory Season

Clockwise: Homemade Caramels,
Slatkin & Co. Candle Pumpkin Caramel Latte, de lux Maison Soy Candle Amber Vanilla

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, signs of snow have appeared and wonderful flavors and smells surround us. I am so excited to go home next week to see family and celebrate the holiday! I can't wait to visit my favorite coffee shop for some chai tea. When I can't have it here, I make this. I also might be trying some of this. I love pudding. I love pumpkin. This should result in a delightful concoction. Pie may be a staple, but these desserts look like such intriguing options! The house is full of lovely smells of pumpkin, caramel, nutmeg and cinnamon. This weekend is going to be Thanksgiving preparation fest! I can't wait!

What are some of your Thanksgiving favorites?

Pumpkin-Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches; Pumpkin-Chocolate Tiramisu

Photos via: here, here & here.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Twinkle Toes

Guy presents. Difficult. Socks are my staple gift. I love giving socks because they have so much character. My friend, Alex, told me he collected socks over four years ago. Since then I have been scrounging every store for fun socks. Not only do they work for Alex, they're great for all guys! Since socks are kind of like under garments, they can be as crazy as you want and they won't seem out of place at work, school or hanging out. Here are the myriad of socks I've been longing for. 
Question: Do you think it's crazy impossible shopping for the men in your life? What's your solution?

3. Alpine Sock-$12.50

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Eat Nails for Breakfast

Fall Nail Colors-OPI
(Nail-I Vant to Be A-Lone Star; Bottle-A-taupe the Space Needle)
Nail biters. We all know them. I'm one of them. It's not something I'm particularly proud of. Other than the fact Jackie O was a fellow chewer, I'm disgusted by it! I do it significantly less than in my younger years, but it's still there. Eventually, I just accepted that my nails would be perpetually short. I'm fine with that, I guess. I know that it's "in my control" to stop, but really, who are we kidding? These stop me because they basically hinder everything you do. But they're fun! I also slick on a few coats of nail polish and I'm chew free! Our stylish friend, Jackie? She stuck with lady like gloves. I've heard this habit has its roots in the oral fixation department. This means, yes, I'm a pencil/pen biter. I'm a gum chewer, mint addict. Brushing my teeth, going to the dentist? Enjoyable even! Crazy! 
So, how do you deal with your nasty habits? Did you break them?


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Comic Love

So here's a love story for you romantics. Well, not love story, but a little. Every couple has their "thing" that they share. That something that is an inside joke or silly story unlike the other couples they know. Years ago my guy and I were at a show choir competition. I know! Show choir. I'll be the first one to tell you we were so not "Glee" people. We didn't sing our adorations to each other in the stairwells. But we did come up with my now favorite part of our relationship. We came up with a game. It was the most juvenile adventure for back then high schoolers. Long story short, we had a blast for hours going through the jungle, deserts, snowy mountains! We went everywhere in the world that day. From then on, we keep having adventure dates. It's so silly & special. Thus, instead of sappy Hallmark cards for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, we opt for the homemade gifts. This includes comics of The Adventures of Clyde and Nora. You guessed it. The origins of the blog name. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ethnic Prints

Ikat sneaker; Aztec Sneaker; Tapestry Sneaker - All Urban Outfitters
I am in love with ethnic prints recently! After visiting the Woven and Worn exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, I have been so inspired by Native American, Aztec, and other tribal prints. There are so many rich colors and brilliant designs!  I'm also really digging turquoise and silver jewelry featuring the native tribe vibe. (I have been rocking this necklace a lot.) Remember these?These prints look great with fur on this cozy sweater, a feature wall(paint, paper, or tiling), this kid (and adult) hangout friendly poof, and table dressings (here and here) for some colorful, graphic accents. Beat the fall and winter drabness with some dramatic textiles!

Hacienda Blanket-Pendelton
Turquoise Bracelet-Lucky Brand Jewelry

Monday, November 14, 2011

Taste of the Weekend

What a great weekend. Only a few weeks until Thanksgiving! Although ever year I say I'm holding out for the Thanksgiving dinner, I cave and find something so deliciously tempting I must have it! My good friends came to visit my sister & I in the cities and we had a fantastic time. We, again, stopped by The Uptowner for breakfast. (It's becoming "our place...") I found a cute description on the menu-if only every menu was so honest! We also visited the MIA and saw some great exhibits! EDO POP is being featured, and as always, The Doryphoros  is on display. Complimenting it are a plethora of beautiful Ancient Greek & Roman potter, sculptures, and more. Visit today! Finally, we finished off the weekend with a trip to Cupcake. It is as delicious as it sounds! We ended up sampling a portion of their menu by getting ten different flavors! Yum!
Ham & Cheese omelet has.....ham & cheese!

Top L-R: Double Chocolate, Worms & Dirt;
Bottom L-R: German Chocolate, Mint
Top row L-R: Milk Chocolate, Raspberry-Lemon, Chai;
Bottom L-R: Red Velvet, Caramel Peanut Cluster, Gobbler.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Bear Traps-"Nikita"; Nine West-"Watery"

I am, well, short. The nice term is petite. But seriously, it just means that I am short. My pants are too long, my shirts too wide, my boots....
I love tall boots. My only trouble with them is that the over the knee style ends up being a thigh high leather sock. Over the calf leads to over the knee. Therefore, I'm always in search of wonderful booties. And I found just that! Great mixes of leather, fleece, fur, buckles, zippers. Everything! In a bootie, things like that are just enough. Not overpowering. The small amount of these additions equal perfection in a "petite" world. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 11:11

So, today. Whether it be in the early afternoon or late in the evening, we will be experiencing a once in a lifetime event. It seems as though so many moments like this are spontaneous & we unfortunately miss out. However, we get to plan for this momentous occasion! Think of all the possibilities for celebrating! Eleven of everything; flavors of drinks, bracelets on your arm, types of cheese, number of albums for background music, possibly some Clooney & Pitt (sigh) in Ocean's Eleven?...The list goes on infinitely! I'm lucky enough to live on the eleventh floor of my building. Thus, there's a party in 1111 at 11:11 on 11/11/11. So fun!
So, I'm wondering how you will be celebrating this wish filled night?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cozy Knits

Winter knits are so cozy, comfortable and chic. I love pairing a chunky knit scarf with lots of soft tassels to a basic black shirt. Or how about a great granny blanket hat to warm up any outfit on a bad hair day? A special thanks to my twin sister, Abby, for being my stylist/model! How cute is she? The scarf is handmade with size 11 needles for nice loose and chunky feel. The hat was purchased in a small town shop specializing in locally crafted jewelry, knits, and more.

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