About Clyde and Nora

Hello, so nice to meet you!

Sarah is a full time student majoring in English at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She adores living in Minneapolis & couldn't imagine anywhere she'd rather be (other than her hometown, Eau Claire). Sarah is a book work, fashion nut, lover of food and almost everything else! Sarah has a tremendously lovely twin sister, Abigail, who is also a blogger.

Clyde & Nora originated as a way to chronicle passions in fashion, art, food & more. Best friend, Nick actually invented Clyde and Nora as fictitious characters on a rainy day for much needed entertainment & adventures. Nora is essentially a version of me, with Clyde being my "partner in crime." Since then, Clyde & Nora have evolved into extensions of ourselves to embody everything wonderful in life. 

It later developed when I started college. I felt an immense pressure to answer the question: "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" Instead, I would like to start asking, "What are you doing now and how is it making your life fulfilling?". I, for example, find great joy in spending hours pouring over books, magazines, and menus, not to mention enjoying quality weekends with friends and family. 

Enjoy browsing through the posts! As always, leave comments! Your thoughts are greatly appreciated! For more of my muses (regretfully there are not nine) follow me on Twitter, Tumblr & Pinterest

Have questions, want to say hello, give me tips? Email me at hellosarahcarlson {at} gmail {dot} com


Photo compliments of the fantastic Jen Schulz from Genesis Photography!
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