Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feeling Thankful

    Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.  ~W.J. Cameron
Happy Thanksgiving! I am so excited to celebrate this holiday with my family! I'm living a crazy life right now so this has been a much anticipated event. I know I am so blessed with the wonderful people in my life. That is what I'm thankful for. 
Nick is my closet friend and I can't imagine a life without him. He's cool and totally brilliant. (This blog wouldn't have a name if it weren't for him!) Thanks for making me smile every single day!

Mom & Dad
My parents! Mom and dad are by far the greatest parental units around. I'm so amazed by everything they manage to do for me. Not to mention, they raised twins! Crazy. My mom is a teacher and every day she is teaching kiddos the joys of learning. Over 200 people in the midwest are literate thanks to her! My dad, what a superb guy. He helps people plan their future. They didn't do a bad job with me, either! I am so thankful for their steadfast support.

Church family
My extended family. My god parents and their family are seriously the most genuine people I know. I have four more "siblings" thanks to them. Their house was my second home when I was growing up. So many good memories. We actual celebrate Thanksgiving with them. Thank you for being so chill when we broke the closet (twice) & hid the attic.

Finally, I'm thankful for my big sis! Although born only 30 seconds before me, she definitely gives me advice when I need it most. Abby is the best girlfriend & sister a girl could ask for. Her intellect, compassion and wry humor outshine the masses and yet she still manages to be unbelievably humble. Thank you for watching hours on end of Gilmore Girls and The OC and listening to me gab about Classical Civilization when no one else wanted to!

Minnesota and Wisconsin. I'm also very blessed and thankful to live in such a sweet location. The cities has so much to do without being scary huge. My hometown is the birthplace of the rad band Bon Iver. Plus, I get to experience every season & am not susceptible to any natural disasters. Pretty darn lucky.

So, I'd like to know...what are you thankful for this year? Family & friends? Your health? Your job?

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