Thursday, August 16, 2012

{Make It}...Fresh Start

I had this ragged aqua blue frame from my early high school years (yikes!) that was buried deep in memorabilia and dust under the bed. In it's first life, it house a lovely collage of the band U2. Yeah. I was that obsessed. Recently, I've found it liberating throw old junk from my haunting past, or refurbish it. Let's face it. You can't hide from everything. Why not take something that you'd rather ignore and turn it into something pretty rad that you don't mind if other people notice? Attention is good. Glam is good. Change is good! From barf blue to feisty fuchsia, this change for the frame is pretty damn fab. Our lives should be too.

You will need:

a wooden frame
rubbing alcohol
cotton balls/rounds
craft paint
detail paint brushes
clear lacquer/glaze

No matter what kind of surface you're working with, use rubbing alcohol to clean the frame. Since mine had old paint, I use the alcohol to not only clean the wood or any residue/dust, but also to remove excess, uneven coats of paint.

 With your craft paint and medium flat brush, add thin layers of paint. Allow each coat to dry so it is smooth to the touch. Don't worry about getting in the grooves. As you can see above, the first and even second coat may not get into those tiny details.

With your detail brush, after the last coat has dried (I painted probably three or four coats for maximum coverage and impact), fill in any touch ups. Let your frame cure completely over night.

The next day, with a medium/large flat brush add a generous coat of lacquer. Let it dry to the touch and add a second coat for high gloss shine! Again, be patient. You should let the frame dry with the glaze for another day before putting in your photo/art and glass! 

And doesn't it look fab?

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