Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Olympic Games

The Olympics! I'm not an overly enthusiastic athlete. I dance, sometimes do yoga, enjoy the occasional (and the leisurely) bike ride. Like a bad Wisconsinite, I don't take a lot of pleasure in watching Packers football every Sunday, nor do I really follow the Brewers (sorry, Dad!).

But every two years, I'm sucked into the biggest, most exhilarating competition. The Olympics. I don't think I've ever met someone who doesn't like them. In the winter, I hum along to the music as I watch the graceful figure skaters, admiring their ease and their costumes. The summer? Well gymnastics is right at the top of my favorites! I am perplexed by them! So strong. So agile. So delicate.

I thought these vintage posters were totally sweet. If you had a game room (those can be difficult to decorate) these would offer a totally sweet visual interest!

What are your favorite events?
Here's a great coffee table book. A century of Olympic posters!
And a fun list of Olympic events no longer played.
Vintage Olympic tees for the family at Gap! (This one has the same graphic as the poster above!)

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  1. My favorite events always come with the winter games...figure skating is my favorite ^^ Those vintage posters are great though!


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