Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We've been talking about some change lately, and you may have noticed a physical change to the blog over the week. I've been experimenting with different layouts, themes, color schemes, even names! Perhaps you stopped by for the twenty minutes that I thought about changing it from "Clyde and Nora" to "Copperboom"! Although it may seem crazy to change it up so frequently, I find that it allows me to keep the blog (and also my writing) fresh. It also allows Abby to create some wonderful ideas. In case you were wondering, Abby usually designs all my headers, layouts, etc. She's pretty fabulous. She runs her blog, Classic Kitsch, which is just that. It's awesome, just like her. 

Anyway, I'm trying to embrace change over here. By changing it up on the blog, I allow myself to do it in more areas of my life as well. This is especially helpful, because on the blog I can visually see the good change. I see the metamorphosis into a beautiful product. I just need to remember that it also happens in life. We just don't see it. At least not instantly. 

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  1. Love the new design, Abby! That's so sweet of Abby to be your designer in charge. :) You girls make a good team!

    By the way, I'm so nuts about Helvetica. I think that's the type you have on your new logo...


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