Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Personal Museum

Do you collect anything? Sometimes I see these amazing (and sometimes bizarre) collections, and I'm blown away. It's fascinating, because so many collections have personal stories or incredible historical significance. They're also so visually stunning, even overwhelming at times. When you see one, you're almost inspired to do the same.

I don't really collect anything. I have lots of books that I've accumulated over the years, but there isn't one thing that, if I see, I need to get it. You know those people who see a turtle and must buy it?  I don't have the dedication to stick with one thing forever. It seriously blows my mind. What commitment, right? To always feel so passionate about a single item or genre, that you dedicate most of you life collecting and curating it, is kind of ultra crazy meets cool.

I'd love to know your thoughts on collecting. Do you think collections are just as bad as hoarding? Is it gateway hoarding? Do you collect and if so, what do you have? LEt me know what you think!

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