Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Make It}...Relaxing Rice Bag

 I'm not old, nor am I anywhere near there, but after a really long day, sometimes your back hurts. This is probably because I don't sit at a proper desk like I should. There is something very relaxing about a hot compress. Even if you're not sore! (I also like putting them in my bed in the winter. Warm sheets!) I made my own little rice bag to heat up, because I like having fun prints and different sizes. They are so simple! 
You will need:

5 lb. bag of rice
Sewing machine
1 yd fabric (just in case) - use cotton or flannel

I made mine a manageable size. I measured and marked my fabric to me 13 X 9 inches, which allowed for a seam. 

I then ironed by fabric, folded in half and cut out both sides laying back to back. Keeping it with the patter side in, I pinned three sides (two long, one wide) and went to the sewing machine. I just used white thread, but any color could be fine. 

Sewing the three sides, I made sure to reinforce the ends just in case by doing a back stitch. 

Then...turn the bag right side out so you have a little sack. Fill with rice. I used a lot! Probably about six or seven cups.

With the open end, fold the raw edges inward and pin those folds together. Just run it through the sewing machine making sure to reinforce this seam especially! 

Heat in microwave and enjoy!

I love making these in different sizes, prints, and fabrics! They are also great for a gift. My mom loves hers. I use mine way more than I thought I would. You could also make them in a shape of a neck roll, or even like those collar pillows you use for long trips.

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