Friday, August 3, 2012

Dorm Life

Remember the dorms in college? 

The summer leading up to your Freshman year is crazy. You're checking your inbox everyday anxiously awaiting your roommate match. (I was lucky a roomed with my twin sister, Abby.) You gush to everyone which dormitory you're assigned and you're (secretly) thrilled that you're in the coed building! Extra long twin sheets, matching towels, a coordinating shower caddy, and several air fresheners later, you're more than ready for the ultimate collegiate experience.

And then you move in.

There it is in all it's tragic mess. After dreaming of a room like Rory's from Gilmore Girls, you're horrified by the pee yellow walls and dusty carpeting. Even though you've opted for lofted beds, you have just enough room for one of the two of you to pace in a narrow line the night before a term paper. Gross!

I'll admit it. I wanted to barf, cry, furiously clean, unpack, but also leave all at once. It was the strangest tumult of emotions. Thrilled, and yet terrified to be there, I was moving in no matter what.

And guess what. I survived. A whole year! I helped that I roomed with Abby, because if I was feeling miserable, at least we could miserable together. Despite what you might think, dorm life was not a great catalyst in the friends department.

I was expecting to become best friends with everyone on my floor. The highly romanticized theory that you are thrown together and suddenly mesh is just that. It's just a theory. I was one a cliquy floor inhabited by people that were extremely different from me.

So in all honesty, dorm life was awful. At least for me. Instead of feeling surrounded by good friends and good times, I felt completely isolated. If it weren't for Abby, I would have been desperately sad and home sick.

I hate to make it sound so terrible, but my experience was eye opening. I am grateful for the friends I did make. It forced me to actually leave such a cloistered setting and branch out.

Don't forget, living in the dorms made me truly appreciate little things like baking and cooking, cleaning my own bathroom, doing my laundry without taking eleven flights of stairs. I never thought I would be thrilled about such simple things!

I'd love to know how you felt about the dorms! Did you love it or hate it? Did you make some of your best friends there? Did you ever feel isolated or completely claustrophobic? Or was it exhilarating to be surrounded my so many different people you didn't really know? Let me know about your experience!

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