Friday, August 17, 2012

{Fall Threads}...Crisp Picnic

The past few days have been a little blustery, with cool mornings and brisk nights! But wait, it's still summer! There are still weeks of iced tea sipping, outside barbecues, and picnicking! So to start off our Fall Threads column, we've got a picnic packed for you! The perfect way to transition from leisurely summer days, to crisp fall afternoons!

Having a picnic has always been special for me. I live in a city that is filled with fantastic parks and luscious greens, but still quite urban. Packing a lunch with freshly picked fruit, iced tea, hummus & pita chips is delightful, because spreading out a colorful blanket and nibbling with your friends in the breezy sunshine is happiness. My friends and I love going to the park on nights there is live music to enjoy a great local band, snacks and laughs.

This weekend, grab some buddies and have a picnic to inaugurate the cool breezes and begin bidding farewell to hazy lazy days.

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