Monday, August 13, 2012

{Weekend Update}...Farmer's Market Finds

The weather was so incredibly gorgeous this weekend it would have been a crime to not go out and enjoy it. My family went down to the local farmer's market held at Phoenix Park, which is breathtaking.  We had to take one or two strolls around the place before actually deciding on what we wanted. Fresh bread, crisp greens, hearty tubers and flowers make the entire market explode with color. Oh, and did I mention there are local artists and musicians, too? Yeah, it's pretty much ridiculously perfect. I definitely felt and acted like a tourist in my own town this weekend, which can be fun. 

We decided upon fresh peaches (yum!), finger potatoes, freshly baked focaccia bread and caramel apple bread, both from Bohemian Ovens. We know the family who owns it and they seriously make the best breads and pastries. In Bloomer, WI, they use a brick oven and old techniques. It's the bomb. 

So happy Monday! I hope you got out there to enjoy nature's beauty! When you really look around, there is some pretty amazing stuff. For example, some of my favorite things in life are looking at fresh produce. Weird, I know. But it's gorgeous. And did you see the meteor shower? Sadly, it was a bit too cloudy for me. I'd love to know what you saw!

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  1. Love going to the farmer's market. Such a nice change from the same stuff you see at the supermarket. Peaches in the summer are the best. I've been consistently buying a batch every week!


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