Friday, August 24, 2012

That Tastes Happy

Are you an emotional eater? Many of us know that it's bad. Technically. So we all say, "Of course not!" We think we have enough control, enough self respect and common sense to reasons with our emotions on a more contemplative, logical level. I'll admit it, though...

I do eat based on my emotions sometimes. When I'm feeling sad or blah, I make comfort food. There is not way you can get me to eat a salad if I had a really bad day. If a friend is feeling down, I make a batch of cookies. 

Emotional eating doesn't mean that you gorge yourself on crap only when you feel bad. When I got my college acceptance letter, we celebrated with a fun dinner. When your friend gets engaged, you throw a party complete with food. Having a baby? Throw a shower with light pink macaroons and punch. WE even have food after funerals, or even little snacks at wakes!

So is it really as bad as everyone says it is? Is emotional eating seriously an eating disorder? Perhaps, but if so, then all of America is suffering from a collective eating disorder. I'm not telling you to hide from your feelings through food. But let's not feel bad about that pint of Ben and Jerry's you ate after your last break up. 

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