Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Not Too Sappy Love Poem

I found this on Pinterest and fell in love! I'm normally not one for love poetry. Sure, I love a good book of poems, but the love ones always feel the same. Overly emotional, oozing with sap and lovey goop. This poem by Hafiz, a fourteenth century poet, really makes me smile. It's simple and there is a child like element of simplicity, which I adore. 

It's difficult, I think, for a love poem to be universally like. Because love is so very different for everybody, it's difficult to describe. That's why I don't take too much stock in those, "10 Tips to Make it 5,000 Years" articles. This, however, is just beautiful. 

Wouldn't it make a beautiful quote for a wedding?

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  1. You should check this out: prints of that poem by Kal Barteski!

  2. That is the cutest poem!

    xo Jennifer


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