Friday, June 8, 2012

Do You PDA?

When I was in high school public displays of affection were rampant. There was no such thing as a kiss on the cheek. Couples proudly walked each other to class; their goodbyes were passionate recreations of R- rated films. Mind you, they would only be separated for 52 minutes. 

Since then, I fostered a strong dislike for PDAs. They always seemed to be a gratuitous show. I found no real reason to swap saliva with everyone watching. Were they trying to prove that their relationship could withstand the several pairs of eyes gawking and then quickly averting to a new subject? Generally, I felt that those being overly affectionate in public were compensating for a lack of such privately.

However, I suppose there is something nice about being cared for with everyone around; something that not only makes you feel special, but also validates your relationship. After all, it doesn't have to be X-rated. Will and Kate certainly proved that with their chicken peck of a kiss after the wedding. A little kiss, a gentle hand on the back, linked arms, holding hands. 

I sometimes wonder if Nick and I fell into this aversion to PDA by accident. Since he's almost always on crutches, we don't hold hands when we walk, which is such a common practice for couples. However, I do love pushing him around in a wheel chair when we go to big events. 

My mom once warned me to not be a cold fish, which I often fall into accidentally. I'm bubbly and outgoing, but have always kept my relationship very private. I'm embarrassed to say that I would occasionally squirm away if Nick tried to give me a kiss - or even put his arm around me! - with others around! After so much time apart (we've been long distance for over a year), I'm slowly accepting the PDA. 

And isn't this photo from TIME magazine heartbreakingly sweet? It makes my heart melt. P.S...who is this cute couple?

What's the verdict? Do you PDA? How much is too much? And what about kisses at your wedding? Full on passionate, or tame just for grandma? I'd love your thoughts!

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