Monday, June 18, 2012

{Weekend Update}...Father's Day

Abby, Me, Dad

Hello, all! I hope you had a most delightful Father's Day Weekend! I apologize for never putting a gift guide together! But let's face it, dads just love being told how cool we think they are, and that we really like having them around. 

My dad is pretty great. At times he still embarrasses me, and we get on each other about the little things, but he's a cool dude. Imagine! He's the only man in our household. Three women ganging up on him all the time. This Father's Day I had to work a little, but we managed to have a good day anyway. 

His present is coming in the mail soon and I hope he likes it! We're getting him a great set of pilsner glasses, because every once in a while, it's nice to not drink out of the bottle. 

I also had my good friend's graduation party and it was a smash. So cool. The party was from 4 until 8, which ended up being 1 am! We lucked out with cool breezes, hot air, and great food. Don't forget the bonfire with s'mores and caramel cracks! A good weekend for the guys, I guess!

I hope you told your dad how much you love him! Dad's are the best. Period.

Photo via Instagram


  1. Aw, my dad was the only male also! He too was ganged up on by three girls. :) So glad you had a great weekend, Sarah! Thanks so much for your sweet words the other day.

  2. Aww, what a sweet post! I'm glad you had a good day :)


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