Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pack Your Bags, Hit the Road

Recently I've been yearning to travel. I don't mean vacation, though. What I'm taking about is a spur of the moment adventure. A trip. I'm not looking for an ultimate destination, because sometimes that's not even the best part. In high school my choir drove from Wisconsin to Disney World in Florida. Most memorable are the hours we spent on the bus. The journey there and back changed people. We were not fascinated by fluorescent colors and princesses, but rather we were in awe of how wonderful and free simply going could be.

I'm typically a planner. I look ahead, and ahead, and ahead until there is nothing left to look at! I soon realize, I didn't see anything in the present. So I'm challenging myself to be spontaneous. If I feel like hitting the road, well I'll do it gosh darn it! Here's to experiencing the real deal; taking the journey without knowing where it ends, and hopefully experiencing some road trip tunes, greasy spoons and evening stars.

photo via weheartit


  1. I love trips! I think I'm somewhere in between with the planning. I like to know where I'm going to stay, but once I'm there, I'll just do whatever. :) Hope you get to spontaneously travel this summer!

  2. I've challenged myself to do the exact same thing- to savor life and enjoy more spontaneous moments! I'm a planner, too, so it is a challenge but it's such a wonderful feeling.



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