Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hairy Situation

Possible favorite.
I had long hair. I loved it. I have this natural light streak right by my bangs that becomes brilliant blonde in the summer. I've experimented with bangs. I've also chopped it off. Twice. Both times I regretted it, liked it, wished for it back & the vicious circle kept going. So now, I've been growing it out for the second time in my life. I'm happy to report that by Christmas, I expect to have a full fledged bob! I am a serial hair cutter. I've always considered hair to be an accessory so I play with different styles quite bit. I've never actually had a hair style for much longer than 6-10 months. When it goes bad, well, I've tried wearing hats, but I'm not really a hat girl. It doesn't look right on me. I suppose I'm not indie enough. (I wish I was!) So, in the end, I keep changing it up & surprising everyone with new hair!
Just cut.
Three months.
Six months
Seven months
So, my question: Have you ever had a really bad haircut? Did you get one you wanted, loved, hated & kept changing your mind? What was your solution? What did you do to embrace it? I'd love to hear how you cope with hair. 

***top photo via the wonderful photographer, Jen Schultz. (And yes, that's my sister on the homepage.)

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