Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Poem in Your Pocket, A Clydesdale in Your Clutch

Charles & Lil' Will
So, like everyone, I had a blanket and stuffed animal. Here's some news. I still adore them. First problem is...I lost my blanky on a trip to Florida when I got severely ill. Thus, this made my trip even worse. I never found her. Her as in Blanky. It's a long story concerning the sex of a blanket. Simply put, a four year old thinks her blanket is an animate she.
Now, I have Teddy but also Horsey. Horsey also has a more proper name. Charles. Charles is quite old. His neck is starting to wear through. After all, Charles still accompanies me when my head hits the pillow. I know! So juvenile. But he is the perfect pillow. Pillows are too, pillowy. Charles is soft & squishy. 
The little guy? That's his son, Lil' Will. I got Lil' Will just this past summer from my family. He is so, so petite and wonderful! He fits in my purse, can attach around a pencil. He is fun size. Thus, when my Clydesdale horse, Charles is too hefty for toting around, Lil' Will comes along in my clutch.
Lil' Will working.

Charles in his old age.

Lil' Will helping with work.

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