Monday, November 14, 2011

Taste of the Weekend

What a great weekend. Only a few weeks until Thanksgiving! Although ever year I say I'm holding out for the Thanksgiving dinner, I cave and find something so deliciously tempting I must have it! My good friends came to visit my sister & I in the cities and we had a fantastic time. We, again, stopped by The Uptowner for breakfast. (It's becoming "our place...") I found a cute description on the menu-if only every menu was so honest! We also visited the MIA and saw some great exhibits! EDO POP is being featured, and as always, The Doryphoros  is on display. Complimenting it are a plethora of beautiful Ancient Greek & Roman potter, sculptures, and more. Visit today! Finally, we finished off the weekend with a trip to Cupcake. It is as delicious as it sounds! We ended up sampling a portion of their menu by getting ten different flavors! Yum!
Ham & Cheese omelet has.....ham & cheese!

Top L-R: Double Chocolate, Worms & Dirt;
Bottom L-R: German Chocolate, Mint
Top row L-R: Milk Chocolate, Raspberry-Lemon, Chai;
Bottom L-R: Red Velvet, Caramel Peanut Cluster, Gobbler.

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