Monday, November 7, 2011

Made with Love

My beloved beaded bracelet
Some of my most prized possessions are honestly things nobody would probably ever want. I am attached to raggedy old quilts, mangy cards made out of computer paper & crayons, beaded necklaces & bracelets, stringy knit scarves and decoupage quote books. However, they mean the world to me. They are handmade gifts made just for me. When I get these, I am so humbled by the thought, time and emotion put into them.
I love nothing more than my beaded bracelet. When people ask me about it (I wear it everyday), I say, "It matches everything I wear." It does. Even if it were all lime green, it would still be on my left wrist.No matter how stretched out it gets. By now, it is much too large and I occasionally worry the little elastic string will break and my beloved beads will go flying. But I can't get myself to take it off. It is simply too special. It was made with love. And I love it.
Do you make homemade gifts for the ones you love? What's the best one you've made? The one you've received?
Beaded necklace from Red Lake Indian Reservation

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