Monday, March 12, 2012

To the Max

Let's talk about maxi dresses...I never know how to feel about them. With my miniature frame (5' 3"), I sometimes worry I might look like I'm drowning in fabric! They look so effortless & comfortable for warm summer days. They're chic & easy - perfect! But is there an unspoken height requirement? No doubt, tall women pull off the look without a hitch. So should us shorties just forfeit the right to wear these staple summer pieces? Here's Rachel Bilson rocking the maxi dress look

My vote? As long as the patter is proportional to your body, or you wear a cropped structured piece on top, you're good to go. No matter what your height may be!

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  1. i definitely had this dilemma 2 weekends ago. i bought a really cute maxi skirt from nordstrom rack for a steal ($13!) even though it would look odd on my tiny frame (4'9") - wore it out, felt good & never looked back. i think maxi dresses on tiny girls are fine! rock it out, lady! :)

    1. So glad to have someone who agrees with me! Thanks for the encouragement! I think I know what I'm buying today...

  2. the first dress is beautiful! perfect for summer


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