Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Listen Up}..."The Port of Morrow" by The Shins

"The Shins are finally back to reclaim their throne as indie rock's leading men." 
                                                                          - Huffington Post
I hit play and the sun popped out for the first time today. That is how spectacular the new album, "The Port of Morrow," by The Shins is. We've waited long enough for this day and they have returned with a bang of colorful, funky sound. "Simple Song" is groovy, upbeat and delivers everything you want and then some. The title song, "The Port of Morrow," is a combination of their usual quirkiness and a new haunting quality that completes the album. If you haven't taken a listen, do it right now here! It's the best thing you could do today. Happy, awesome music makes for happy, awesome people. The Shins are back and dominating the indie music scene. Let the countdown for their tour commence. 

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