Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cheers! Now I Know My ABCs...

As a fan of fonts, hot cocoa, tea, coffee and literacy, these have got to be my new favorite tea cups! Leave it to Anthropologie to have fantastic monogram mugs. Monograms have the reputation of being preppy. Now I'm not saying I'm going monogram all my sweaters and go golfing at the club (I don't even belong to a club and don't know how to golf!), but I do love these! Bonus: only 6 buckaroos! 

Would you get these monogramed for your family's last name, one for each of the family members, or get a bunch of randoms just for fun (and to confuse guests)?


  1. I always feel like buying them all every time i see them!

  2. great post - love the good vibe!!
    have a wonderful weekend!!


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