Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Controlled Color

I'm organized. I like everything to be in a special place. If my desk is ultra messy, I simply can not work, brainstorm or be the tiniest bit productive. I just stare at the heap of "stuff" and must organize it immediately. However, I'm not picky about this organization. I love color and a little chaos. Nothing beats it! Think how exciting it is walking into a store and every color shirt imaginable is there. When you go into a museum and you are suddenly hit with indescribable colors, some you've never seen. The great thing about both scenarios is they aren't necessarily "coordinated" or displayed rainbow style. 

I just love seeing walls of color. Heck, I like boxes of color. That's why I love closets, books, floral shops and anywhere color might be organized in a cool, unexpected, and sometimes unintentional way. When colors are lined up in a clean linear fashion, there is something so pleasing and satisfying about that. There is a mixture of control, chaos and lovely color! Here are some linear color displays I've seen recently. 

1 comment:

  1. ooh i just love so many colors together


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