Saturday, February 25, 2012

Peacock Print & Pigment

Teals, emeralds, plums and periwinkles. I love them all! Peacock feathers were once signs of wealth and would show up in home decode, dress and the like. Now, they're just down right cool. Although I've never been a huge fan of wearing actual feathery earrings, I think the metal alternative by Lucky Brand are totally rad. Sometimes, there's this idea that peacock "theme" can be a little ultra-quirky. It's okay to have a theme to your outfit or event. Just make sure it's not too literal. 

Try wearing a dress or bracelet that features the same hues of peacock feathers. With a simple shift dress, wear some funky feather tights. Grab a basic, but interesting clutch with the peacock feather print or wear a feather in your hair, but keep the rest of your outfit simplistic so that your accessory can really make a statement. You don't want to look like Big Bird.

Even centering a dinner or party around the peacock can feel fun, aristocratic and easy. You're entire table doesn't have to match. In fact, I suggest it should never match. Your dish ware could be teal, while your stemware or water glasses be purple. Flower arrangements or candles can feature shades of greens with some pops of blue and plum. Heck, add a peacock feather or two in the bouquet! 

So if you're getting inspired by something, weather it be art or animals, go with it!

Peacock Cape photo by Gail Adams via
Bottom Painting Myartspace on Etsy 


  1. Replies
    1. The best part? They come in more colors! You can get them in gray, the blue shown above, or a really dark navy/black.


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