Monday, February 27, 2012

{Weekend Update}...Small Town Trip

   This weekend I took a very brief trip to Northfield, MN to visit Nick. I spend so much time in the big city surrounded by bustling people, crazy public transit, concrete parks of skyscrapers and museums and an all together busy atmosphere. I love being in the middle of such an exciting place, but sometimes, you just need to clear your mind.
    This semester has been significantly busier than I anticipated. I have a lot going on with a busy schedule, work & everyday life. Everything has been happening so quickly. Luckily, that means spring break is quickly approaching, but it also means I have lots to do in a little bit of time. With everything going on, I've been pretty stressed & tired out. Do you have weeks where all you seem to do is work, work, work & you still don't feel on top of everything? That was last week for me.
    So this weekend I picked up bus & hauled my work with me to Northfield. Nick goes to St.Olaf & I've never actually visited him there! He always comes here...I feel a little guilty. When I got off the bus, Nick surprised me with my favorite flowers! What a gentleman! 
    It was an amazing weekend filled with window shopping around the town looking in used book stores (yay!), candy shops, where we got some deliciously rich peanut butter fudge, rock climbing, and even going to casino night! I'll admit that while I hold my own with Blackjack, I'm a failure with Poker. There's room for improvement and I'm willing to learn! We stopped by Mandarin Garden for some pot stickers & sesame chicken & finished off the weekend with a little Modern Family. 
    I even got to sit in on Chapel Choir's rehearsal. Needless to say, it was beautifully moving. This weekend was a much needed break from my hectic life. I hope your weekend was equally relaxing. 

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