Thursday, February 9, 2012

Velvet. Red Velvet.

If there is one food that screams to me Valentine's Day, it would be this guy. Red Velvet cake is probably my favorite type of cake. Moist, delicious, red! All together a really spectacular food. Here's a good recipe that is similar to the one I use. (They're pretty much the same.) Serve it on a pretty white cake pedestal and voila! You just made Valentine's Day the most delicious day of the year. 

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  1. I love red velvet, mostly for aesthetics and its name (who can resist a cake named 'red velvet'?). I much prefer old-fashioned chocolate, but when it has that really yummy cream cheese frosting, it's almost impossible not to eat!

  2. Old fashioned chocolate sounds delicious! Thanks for the tip.


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