Sunday, February 12, 2012

Off the Cuff

Recently, I've been so attracted to having one statement item. The millions of tiny beaded & woven bracelets for each arm is now seeming so excessive for the return. They don't really make a statement, they just kind of clutter your arm & make your outfit look a little distracted. I'm all for the effortless look, but I prefer it to still be really clean & chic. As a solution, try wearing one large cuff. If you're really daring, try out the double cuff look, wearing matching cuff on each wrist. The cuffs above are so amazing. They're bold & elegance simultaneously, which can be so difficult to achieve. The double cuff look can be equally interesting. It simply completes a look. If you're like me, a chronic 3/4 length girl (or one who always shoves her long sleeves to mid forearm), these really polish you off!

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