Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Adore My...Keyper by Fossil

So...if you've been wondering what I got in my stocking for Christmas (which was over a month ago -  yikes!) here's a little peek. My lovely parents gave me these amazing Keyper Pouches by Fossil. I love them. They are so amazing! I use the largest one for all my cables and cords when I'm on the go. It has by iPhone cords, camera cord, earbuds, charger extension cord, external hard drive and more! The two little guys contain my essentials so I can easily switch handbags. Sometimes, I use them as a little clutch when I have a quick outing that doesn't require lots of supplies. I highly recommend these puppies! Durable, functional and totally rad. 

P.S...There are tons of designs and colors! I may be getting a few more patterns soon!


  1. this is soooo cute. i need one, for sure.

    love the blog girl, so happy to have stumbled upon it. :)

    love, rach.

  2. Thanks, Rach! You're such a sweetie! They're totally great. I swear by them. :)

  3. Oh I love Fossil so much! Everything they have is so adorable.

  4. Recently, Fossil has had a bunch of really great products! I'm in love with their luggage for men, too. Rustic, chic. You can't go wrong.


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