Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Make sure you spread the love today. A friend wrote the most amazing post the other day. I just have to share...
"What if every time you thought something good about someone, you mentioned it to them? What if every time you felt impressed to do something nice for someone, you did it? What if you shared every compliment that you've heard about someone? It's the week of Valentine's Day, and I'm suggesting all of the above. Fearlessly love more people even better. ♥"
                                                                                                      ~Jillian Anderson

Isn't that just so sweet and true? Spread the love today. Make everyone feel as special as the really are! Even though it's a Tuesday, do something special! My family has a tradition for this lovely pinky holiday. Every year the Valentine's Fairy visits. I know it sounds funny. Especially since it's not Cupid, but there are cards & candy, pink & red everywhere. Do you have any Valentine's traditions?

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