Sunday, January 8, 2012

Superman or Posh?

I have a wool knit caplet from Gap that I adore. I received it from my parents for Christmas last year. It is warm, a little chunky & smells like wool! Is that weird? I love how versatile it is. Since it's dark grey knit/ribbed & has a semi-industrial zipper to allow a cool little collar, it can be super casual with leggings & boots or a bit dressier with my navy skinnies & heels. I'm really tempted to wish list this camel one from J.Crew.

Whenever I wear it though, people ask what it is. Then I have to say, "It's a caplet." "A caplet? Like, a cape? Like Superman?" No! Not like Superman! But then I second guess myself. Is it weird wearing a cape? I feel so very European when I wear it. Effortlessly chic as if I should casually strolling down a cobblestone path in Wales as the grey sky mists. Would Posh Spice wear it

The cons: A cape makes you sound like you're four playing superheroes. It's also incredibly difficult to wear with a jacket, as it bunches up around the neck & chest (because there are no real sleeves), making you appear to have an abnormally thick chest. 

The pros: So comfortable, so chic, so warm, so very English. I feel invincible in the sense that if I had a sip of tea while wearing it, I might actually be British royalty (or David Beckham's arm candy.)

Your thoughts would be so helpful on the subject! Would you wear a cape?

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