Thursday, January 5, 2012

{Eat It}...Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

     Ever since Christmas we have been eating the left over Christmas ham. Don't get me wrong, I like ham sandwiches. But after a while, I need something different! So this morning, I made omelets with Abby. I am not an omelet genius. (That means I'm a bad, bad omelet maker!) Therefore, you will not see pictures of the finished product!
We used some of the many bell peppers left over from the New Year's Eve veggie tray. Of course, we used fresh ones, not the one that had been out for people to grab several nights ago. Normally, you see green peppers in omelets. We decided to use red, orange & yellow.

Abby & I also diced up the ham that we are storing in the refrigerator from Christmas. The nice thing about ham is that once it has been roasted & sliced, you can eat it for what seems like ages if kept well in a cool place. We cut up some cherry tomatoes & added lots of shredded mozzarella & cheddar cheese. 

There was a great debate over how many eggs to use....we decided upon 2 egg omelets for ourselves. Then we added skim milk & whisked. I would love to claim that there is a science to this, but I seriously add the milk measuring with my eyes. I've never actually had a specific ratio. 

Abby's omelete. :( It's a little sad, but better than mine!
Do you have any recipes for using random left overs? How do you quickly (but also deliciously) get rid of all your Christmas ham?
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