Friday, January 27, 2012

{The Adventures}...Plan on San Fran

{The Place} Normally, my extensive wish list of places to see feature places outside of the U.S. However, being from the Midwest, I would love nothing more than to travel to San Francisco. Commonly referred to as the "most European city in America," S.F. has it all. Beautiful skylines of mountains, ocean & lit up buildings, make it one of the most unique places geographically.

{What I Would Do in San Francisco} Ride cable cars all day long. Take a mini trip to see Alcatraz! Go do to Chinatown. Eat in the bay area to experience cuisine including Italian, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Seafood and more deliciousness. Enjoy the San Francisco Botanical Garden (free admission-yay!) Peruse the DeYoung Museum. Of course I would go shopping. Don't forget a little stroll through suburbs to experience residential life. 

What would you do while you were there? If you've traveled there, any suggestions?

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