Thursday, July 5, 2012

{Curious}...Stuffed Animals: How Long Is Too Long?

As I get older, I am increasingly more curious about the childhood stuffed animal. Throughout my youth I favored various buddies, including Teddy, Purple-Berry, Oatmeal, Employee Bear (weird name, I know), Horsey, etc. Teddy, being my all time favorite, has aged with me, for he has been around since I was born. The others would come and go like transient nomads as my interest would ebb and flow. 

But I have a confession.

I still have my stuffed animals. A few maintain a permanent residence at my parents' (my childhood) home. But I have the others. And... sometimes (almost always) I snuggle up with them. After all this time, I can't seem to rid myself of them. But why?

Some of my theories include: 

It's just like having a companion to sleep with, which is comforting, but they lack body heat. I can't stand being warm when I sleep, so this makes sense. The snuggle without the sizzle. 

Those who cuddle with their childhood animals are yearning for those carefree years. I understand that; it's like a portal to an easy, cozy time. Doesn't the adult world seem to filled with so many worries

They're just so darn cute. And soft. 

A less interesting idea, but definitely possible for me... They're squishier than pillows! I swear. Stuffed animals feel better for resting your head than standard pillows. Why? They have limbs, and extra fluff, and they're flexible. Perfect for adjusting your neck and head. 

So I'm curious. Do you still have your buddies from long ago? If so, do they sit in a corner, or do you still cuddle up every once in a while? I've heard of parents who basically ween their child from their stuffed animals. That seems a little harsh to me. What's your opinion? How long is too long? When is time to let go?


  1. I got rid of most of my old stuffed animals a long time ago, except for the teddy I got when I was born...he still sits in my room :) I don't think I'll ever get rid of him!

  2. When I was younger, I never wanted to part with them them. It wasn't easy, but I eventually got rid of them! But I totally understand what you mean about how great they are to snuggle with! :-)

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