Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{Florida}...Beach Bums

Seaside sunset.
And, finally! The Florida pictures have arrived! Now, I understand. Florida is not necessarily the most exotic location in the world. But there are some really breathtaking sights there. It is so utterly different from Wisconsin and Minnesota that I just can't help sharing with you. We so enjoyed the beach. Can you believe I'd never been to the beach before? How did it take me this long to get there? I love it. We stayed at a beach house right on the water on New Smyrna Beach. A fantastic location and lovely house. It was spacious and light. We did have a few issues with things being a bit dirty, but we got things spick and span in no time. Next time you're yearning for the beach, go to New Smyrna. It is amazing. 

We were really overwhelmed by the gorgeous sunrise and sunset. I took about a million pictures of every one we saw. How can you not be amazed by this sight? And in case you were curious...yes, the water was already warm at sunrise. 

Me, Amanda. Boating, but not fishing.
We rented a pontoon for a day and went fishing and boating all day. So gorgeous. I didn't fish. It's not really my thing. However, I finished the book I had been reading. The Host by Stephanie Meyer. Surprisingly good! I highly recommend it. 
The women. Abby, Amanda, Mom, Cathy, Me, Becca. Last night on the beach.

Beach life, in general, was amazing. I swear I ate seafood everyday. Delicious and so rare for me. We relaxed, ate, swam, sunbathed, played cards every day. It was the life. 
Shrimp Off the Rock. The first beach dinner.

All photos are personal ones I took on the trip. Some are on Instagram


  1. What a great place to visit the beach for the first time! Florida is so beautiful, and these sunset photos are gorgeous. Sounds like such a relaxing trip!

  2. the beach life is definitely some good living. all of these images are absolutely beautiful! yay!
    xo TJ

  3. Pretty pictures! Now following you :)



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