Monday, July 9, 2012

{Weekend Update}...Unwinding

Tubing! If you're curious, this is my all time favorite bathing suit.
After a long vacation, it always feels great to come home. I love nothing more than sliding into my bed with fresh linens, windows open, the familiar neighborhood noises trickling in, and drifting off to sleep. Finally unpacked and acclimated to normal life again (I worked tons!) I took the weekend to unwind at home. I drove with friends to Red Cedar River near Menomonie for some lazy day floating; enjoying the sun, water & nature was a great time! I finally took off my pedi, which was looking pretty shabby & lacquered my toes a hot lime! Movie night and live music at Acoustic Café also made their ways into my weekend. I hope you relaxed a bit! Didn't last week fly by? Did your weekend as well? It sure doesn't feel like Monday to me!
OPI Addicted
Popcorn + Dark Shadows at the Budget Theater

Iced chai, double chocolate cookie, live music, and Nick.

Top photo of Red Cedar River via
All other photos via Instagram

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