Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{Florida}...Park by Park

Six parks in six days. Yes, you read that correctly. After the beach, our family trekked to Orlando for a marathon of parks. We visited all four Disney parks and the two Universal parks. It was exhausting, but the memories from the nonstop rides, park food, and ponchos are hilarious and lovable. Right, rained. Hard. The first two and half days were not just overcast, it was pretty much a wash. The downpour didn't stop us, though. We pulled on our really attractive ponchos and enjoyed our days. It cleared up (yay!) midweek and we really had some fun. I never used to be a rides person, but on this trip I went crazy and did everything. Even the ones with your feet dangling! Yikes! 
RockIt Roller Coaster. Amazing!
Each person picks the music to which the listen for the duration of the ride! Sweet!

Cinderella's castle. Obviously.

The Tower of Terror. One of my favorites. 

Disney Hollywood Studios.

Honeydukes! Harry Potter Park at Universal.


Hogwarts. HP FTW.

Disney Animal Kingdom safari. We were this close to the giraffe! 

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