Monday, July 16, 2012

{Weekend Update}...Work n' Stuff

This weekend was busy. You know those busy weekends that feel like they drag, and then suddenly, it's Monday? And you're like woah, it's not the weekend anymore. That was this weekend. Old Navy is having their big "Stuff and Save" sale, it's crazy right now! Although I worked quite a bit, I had plenty of time to think (and start Mad Men!). 

When I'm at work, I love seeing all the people milling about. I so often wonder about their lives. People always appear so happy when they shop; at least I do. Some people get crabby and I wonder if they're always this snappy. Who knows? I am a person that likes people. But it's confusing, because sometimes, my intuition tells me otherwise. We'll have more on this this week, so stay tuned. Let's get you interested, though....

Are you outgoing, or are you an introvert? 
When you're feeling blue, what's therapy for you?
Are you creative? Mathematical and linear? Can you be both?

I hope you had a wonderfully thoughtful weekend! Happy Monday, all!

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